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Labour Market Opinion (LMO) in British Columbia

The Labour Market Opinion in British Columbia or LMO is a document issued by the Canadian government to your employer. It will permit you, a Temporary Foreign Worker (TFW), to get hold of a sponsored work permit for Canada. It is a fast and inexpensive process that was created to allow Canadian employers to fill positions in their organizations with foreign workers if they are unable to find a Canadian to do the job.

The government generally issues a positive or negative LMO in British Columbia to your employer approximately 12 weeks after application. You, the potential employee, then use this LMO to obtain your new visa either at the nearest border or by post.


Advantages of LMO


  • It is relatively fast, cheap and appealing to employers. Other routes that allow you to work in Canada require more time and money.
  • You can get a work permit for Canada for up to three years.

Disadvantages of LMO


  • It can be tricky to meet all requirements and convincing the government that there is no Canadian to do the job.
  • LMOs are issued based on the current labor market needs, so if you happen to be in a profession that is currently experiencing high rates of unemployment it can be tough to get a Labour Market Opinion.
  • Your employer is the person applying for the LMO so you cannot get any information on your application or deal with the Labour Market Opinion folks throughout the process.
  • Your employer is going to have to advertise your position even though you are most likely already working there. The HRSDC (Human Resources and Skills Development Dept.) needs proper proof that attempts were made to find a Canadian employee.


Work in Canada through Canada Labour Market Opinion


If you really want to settle in Canada with a valid work permit, do consult our experts as we are here to help you out in applying for the Canada Labour Market Opinion.  NTC Immigration will go ahead and proceed with all the legal and official documentation so that you get easy clearance and stay in Canada and work in your preferred city. Call us to know more.